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Order Process

This is a simple guide to how you would place an order with us and the process until delivery. Depending on the type of deal we agree and how it is administered it is subject to change. If you have any questions at all regarding this please contact us.

Step 1 - Choose your vehicle.

We can provide any variation on pretty much any vehicle and quote for any additional accessories you may require.

Step 2 - Accept your quote, pay your fee and establish a credit line.

After agreeing initial figures you will need to pay your fee - refundable if the credit application is refused -  return our signed order and finance application along with supporting documentation and a signed copy of our information notice. Mush the same as buying from a dealership.

Step 3 - Finance application is made and deal administered.

Unlike a dealership the lenders are dealing with much higher volumes of applications and as such the application process can take a little longer than you are used to. Please do not get frustrated, this is quite usual.

Step 4 - Order is placed with dealer.

Once the finance application has been agreed we will place an order with a dealer on your behalf. it is only at this point that your estimated delivery date con be confirmed - though it is still only an estimate. All cars are covered by full manufacturer's nationwide warranties and can be serviced by your local dealers.

Step 5 - Sign your documents and arrange insurance cover.

A Direct debit form and a contractual agreement will need to be signed confirming the terms of the arrangement. You will need to arrange your insurance ready to accept the new vehicle.

Step 6 - Delivery.

Delivery can be made nationwide by our dealership network and there is generally no additional cost (please check for deliveries to Islands, Scotland Wales Northern Ireland and Cornwall) . Alternatively, depending on the distances involved, you may be able to collect your car direct from the Dealer - this can be discussed during the Order process.

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